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Oct 22, 2012 7:00pm PDT
a program note. >> that's probably true. >> we've catch you up. the united states is scheduled to turn over responsibility for security in afghanistan to the afghan goff in 2014, at that point we will withdraw our combat troops, leave a smaller force of americans, if i understand our poile, in afghanistan for training purposes. it seems to me the key question here is, what do you do if the deadline arrives and it is obvious the afghans are unable to handle their security? do we still leave? and i believe governor romney, you go first. >> we're going to be finished by 2014. and when i'm president we'll make sure we bring our troops out by the end of 2014. the commanders and the generals there are on track to do so. we've seen progress over the past several years. the surge has been successful and the training program is preceding a pace. there are now a large number of afghan security forces, 350,000, that are ready to step in, to provide security and we're going to be able to make that transition by the end of 2014. soure troops will come home at that point. i can't tell you at the same ti
Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm PDT
the eastern united states and the after math. the eye of sandy made land fall yesterday right at atlantic city, new jersey, one of the hardest-hit states. craig, tell us first about the swieth right where you are. >> gasia, good evening. we're in new jersey right outside of atlantic city. the roads going into atlantic city are closed still tonight. the state police are blocking the roads. families that come by want to go back into atlantic city to check out for homes being turned around, told to come back tomorrow. that's not signature well with some people who want to just know what they're going to be going home to. they have no idea how much damage if they have damage or if there is a home there. one gentleman, in fact, can't get back to his home, can't get a hotel because the casinos you see behind me have booked most of the hotel rooms. he actually rented a hundred-haul trucks and sleeping in his truck until he can get back into his home hopefully some time tomorrow. there's some 2.5 million people around the state without power, about 80,000 just in this general area, gasia, and the temp
Oct 9, 2012 7:00pm PDT
campaign is on track to raise $1 billion. the first for any candidate in the united states. >> people have been waiting a long time for a farm bill. and the president has to exert the kind of presidential leadership it takes to get the house and the senate actually pass a farm bill. >> mitt romney campaigned in iowa. both candidates are expected to take time off over the weekend before the second presidential debate. >>> president clinton campaigned for two democratic candidates. >> we have on the stage four people that believe for many different reasons that a country of we're all in this together works way better than a country of you're on your own. >> reporter: mr. clinton was in northern california to boost support for john gerimendi and mcnerney. who is also gearing votes for hernandez. >>> in some parts of our state people are already casting early ballots. if you're interested on voting by mail applications can be submitted through october 30th. if you still need to register the deadline to do so is october 22nd. >>> details of the plan were outlined today at a conference. the plan
Oct 16, 2012 7:00pm PDT
, representative barbara lee out of oakland and the lib yan ambassador to the united states. organizers plan for a thousand guests at city hall. the service came together over the last couple of weeks. steven's family approached the rest of the mayor's office of protocol about holding this event in the city. >> this is a sea of government and, you know, he did serve our government. >> christopher stevens was a participant, a full, strong, effective participant in his beloved democracy. >> he talked with the people. he meet with the people. he knows their suffering. >> we also heard tonight from retired u.s. ambassador thomas. he knew and worked with am bos dar stevens. he's also heading up a pnl investigating steven's death in libya. >> we're not in a position to xhernt about that because we're in the middle of that investigation so that's continuing on. >> we're told by the mayor's office that the event tonight was paid for by steven's family and private donations with city workers donating their time. another memorial ceremony on the east coast is also planned for the near future. reportin
Oct 18, 2012 7:00pm PDT
romney, the next president of the united states. >> mitt romney stayed out of the spotlight today but his running mate paul ryan was on the campaign trail in florida. ryan repeated republican's concerns about the effect of recent healthcare measures and promised again to repeal it. >>> organizers today more than 19 million people around the wrorld registered for the event. >>> in san francisco the drill started at 10:18 this morning. students at drew elementary were joined by san francisco mayor, fire chief and police chief greg suhr. drop covered and held on during the drill to help prepare themselves for the next big earthquake. >> in case anything happens, got to have some preparation, got to be ready for things. that's why we do these drills. we want to practice, practice, and practice. >> stopped its training for one minute as part of the exercise. spokesman for the usds said today's drill was the largest disaster preparedness exercise in history. >>> after almost 80 years in print, news week magazine today announced plans to go all digital next year. publisher gee na brown says news
Oct 10, 2012 7:00pm PDT
in cars throughout the united states. they warn the bags can fail to activate or explode rather than inflate. in california the installation of counterfeit air bags is considered a criminal offense. >>> industry analysts say that problems at the chevron richmond refinery may keep gas prices high even longer than expected. the refinery closed in august after a huge fire. chevron now says the taj from that explosion will leave the facility at reduced capacity through the end of the year keeping sup ply tight. analysts say refinery production is to blame for california gas prices nearing $5 a gallon over this past week. >>> chevron's morning weight on the dow suffer add near 1% decline shedding 128 points. nasdaq lost 13. this was also the s & p 500th fourth straight losing session. >>> san francisco's first target opened today and it's built specifically to accommodate city shoppers. the new store is about 25% smaller than normal target stores and it's tailored to city life by featuring items sold in smaller packages and smaller shopping carts. >> we found that the guests in our urban
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6